American idol 2014 judges Connick Jr. and Seacrest excited

American idol 2014 judges Connick Jr. and Seacrest excited

American idol 2014 judges Connick Jr. and Seacrest excitedAmerican Idol 2014 judges season 13, Ryan Seacrest and Harry Connick Jr. are excited to get the season started to air with auditions this January 15.

The new comer Connick Jr. says he’s enjoying working with fellow judges, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

“Jennifer and Keith are really cool people and they’ve been around for a minute, so they really have a lot of experience being in this business,”

“So much of being a pop star is what goes on in the business and so for these young performers to be around that will be very helpful to them.” Connick Jr. told Huffingtonpost.

The premiere episode of the new edition will feature contestants auditioning for newbie judge Harry Connick Jr. and veteran judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban in Austin, TX and Boston, MA. Randy Jackson will take on the in-house mentor role this season and Ryan Seacrest will remain as host.

Harry Connick Jr crushing on J.Lo according to wittiness has been making headlines before the 13th season has even started and now a new candid video shows him creeping on fellow panelist Jennifer Lopez.

One of the videos, Harry pretends to creep on Jennifer Lopez, saying he could stare at her all day and she wouldn’t even notice.

American Idol” Season 13 premieres on Jan. 15, 2014 on Fox, host Ryan Seacrest believes it’s going to be one of the best seasons yet.

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