Longest giant fish, Oarfish found dead: facts, habitat, pictures and video

DISCOVER: Cryptozoologists all over the world will be amazed of this new discovery, legendary serpent-like creature found dead in California Island.

A shocking discovery this weekend while snorkeling off the Southern California coast, south of Los Angeles spotted a recently deceased 18-foot oarfish, one of the creatures thought to be the “sea serpents” of nautical legend according to CBSNews.com report.

The rarely found dead or alive oarfish, always thought as seas monster, but in 2011, an undersea rover from Louisiana State University captured the elusive creature in its home territory, around 360 feet down.

Because Oarfish dive more than 3,000 feet deep, sightings of the creatures are rare and they are largely unstudied, according to CIMI.

The longest fish in the world, oarfish feed primarily on zooplankton, selectively straining tiny euphausiids, shrimp and other crustaceans from the water. Small fish, jellyfish and squid are also taken. Large open-ocean carnivores are all likely predators of oarfish.

Aparently solitary animals, oarfish may frequent significant depths up to 3,300 ft, longest ever found recorded, published total length of 36 ft, with unconfirmed reports of 49 ft or more and 272 kilograms in weight wiki stated.

This photo released courtesy of the Catalina Island Marine Institute taken on Sunday Oct. 13, 2013 shows the crew of sailing school vessel Tole Mour and Catalina Island Marine Institute instructors holding an 18-foot-long oarfish that was found in the waters of Toyon Bay on Santa Catalina Island, Calif. Check Oarfish alive on Video.
Longest giant fish, Oarfish found dead: facts, habitat, pictures and video
The longest oarfish alive according to the Guinness Book of World Records is 36 feet in length. Photo Credit Amusingplanet.com

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