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Free District —- is an independent online news magazine and independent publisher based in Bangkok, Thailand with a dedicated free district report group of knowledgeable expatriates and young passionate writers bringing you the latest in Asia-Pacific news, culture and issues.

Our multicultural staff includes natives of the United States, Australia, and the Philippines, currently residing in Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia.

Free District report group supports equal rights, and opposes discrimination of any kind, whether based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or in any other form.

We support freedom of thought and speech, and do not believe anything should be held up on a pedestal above criticism, least of all organized religion.

I moved to Thailand 14 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee, and I can say it was a genuinely life-changing experience. Moving to a foreign country on the other side of the planet was a thrill everyone should have. To be suddenly confronted on a daily basis with a society and culture so different from your own does amazing things to you. You see everything from at least two very different perspectives. It has a way of opening up your mind, forcing you to see the world in new ways.

And you soon realize that everything you were taught from your own society and culture is merely one point of view among countless others, and that nothing is universal - and I do mean absolutely nothing! There were things you thought were universally believed and accepted by everyone, but you discover this is not the case.

When I moved to Thailand I had recently undergone what I would describe as a “spiritual realization”. My whole worldview had changed rather dramatically. This is what partly motivated me to move to Southeast Asia. After the move, I was both physically and spiritually in a completely different world. The experience has been priceless, and I am forever grateful for it.

Westerners are fortunate to be in high demand for teaching English in many countries in the Asia-Pacific, and this opportunity has given many the experience of a lifetime. I have met many who fall into this category, and they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Each member of our staff has his/her own story about how moving to a foreign country has affected them. We all desire to share our love for these other countries and cultures with the world. Writing for Freedistrict.com is one way of doing this. We hope you enjoy our articles on the news, culture, and issues of the world, as we focus especially on the Asia-Pacific region.

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